The Handshake TLD .e/ sells for 5M HNS *$300,000 @Namescon via

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After a few crazy months of ups and downs, plus with the big relocation to our new house in Rodrigues Island. I am sure and know most of you are saying: “WTF is this place, right?”

In a quick sentence, a small island not far from the equator in between Madagascar and Australia.

Here is Forbes Travel writer Ann Abel who just wrote an article about the timeless and stress free island our family now calls: “Home”.

The new work from home office I am actually writing from, not too shabby hey?

Well, let’s dive in the latest #Web3 #HNS #TLDs sales and our premium digital assets available fromWeb3Domains.Auction.

For those of you who are not sure what a TLD or an SLD is, here a blog and great video from Mike Michelini from and without whom we would all be in the dark, lucky to have him doing such an amazing work for all domain investors and educating the new Web3 buyers out there. Thank you again Mike, you are a true champion mate. Please follow and subscribe to his YT channel plus his blog and follow him on

Last night anticipated FlamingoHandshake auction, featured the excellent Handshake TLD .e/ which sold for 5M HNS *$300,000 @Namescon led by the team of Mike from who were representing at Namescon in Austin Texas.

Congrats to the Flamingo and entire auction team, to the new buyer and to the seller.

I want to point out that the current record is the TLD .s/ that was purchased by nonetheless the Namecheap CEO @RichardKirkendall for $750,000

If you wish to auction your TLDs there are these platforms available.

1- where you can list and also have the make an offer option

2- where you can submit your Handshake your SLDs domain names, Emojis Domains and TLDs for sale.

3- which is fairly new and with just a few TLDs for sale.

4- We waiting for the registar of SkyInckude later this year :O).

Here is another video about Monetizing Your Handshake TLD: Staking with Namebase Registry from from 2021.

Worth noting that you can also stake them at, and which are the first and more serious registrars where you can sell your SLDs.

The submitting process is fairly simple via or but we are unclear about the selection process. Would be great if these registrars did communicate on that.

In conclusion, the above TLDs 6 figures sales are a great sign that premium Handshake TLDs are getting close to a 7 figure sale soon, perhaps this end of 2022 but definitely in 2023.

Speaking of Handshake TLDs, here are our premium TLDs for sale


We are open to all serious offers.

Happy HNS TLDs and SLDs domain hunting.

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