Record Blockchain Domains Sales: Business.Crypto, Market.Crypto - $100K and Wallet.Crypto -$250K

This year the 6 figures sales keep coming.

More and more investors are buying them for their crypto wallet address. Not only these can be used to transfer crypto currencies but also can be used to sell or mint NFT’s, but they can also act as your Web3 Brand, your new Web3 Website or Web3 DApp.

What a nice return on investment from only a $100 investment. Yes these were all up for grabs for just 100 bucks around 2, 3 years ago. And there are still some gems to snatch in 2022.

Last 2021, we all heard of the sale of SEX.CRYPTO - WIN.CRYPTO and HOTELS.CRYPTO which all sold for $100,000 and this year we have some new comers. Last April, @DiaryBorri sold the premium domain BUSINESS.CRYPTO for 39ETH, $120,000. Congrats!

And last week another single word .Crypto sold for $250,000 - WALLET.CRYPTO.

Yes, the highest sold SLD to date is WALLET.CRYPTO, and we were quick enough to register CRYPTO.eWALLET, the HNS version, which we believe has a better ring to it and a better blockchain domain and brand if you will use it for exactly what it means.

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Yesterday, another premium Crypto blockchain domain got snapped up for $100,000, MARKET.CRYPTO.

There are not a 100K versions of the best names, there are maybe 10 or 100 maximum and you better claim yours now before they are all gone. We invite you to:

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