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Did you know the first .com domain name that was ever registered was, on the 15th of March 1985 by the now defunct Massachusetts-based computer manufacturer Symbolics?

Next 15th of March will mark their 37th anniversary of the first .com ever sold.

They deserve a follow @FirstDomain.

This may seems like a lifetime away to some of you but, I was only 5 years old probably running a muck in the house in LeMorne where I grew up and Steve Jobs was only 30 years old back in 1985.

That same year Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 after a long power struggle with the company's board and its then-CEO John Sculley.

Last year, blockchain domains reached a total of 3M registrations.

Figure taken from my previous article - The Best Web3 Domain hacks of all time.

To put it in comparison, here are the total Web2 vs Web3 registered domains:

  • Web2 domains - 370M registered since 1985 that’s 37 years ago guys

  • Web3 domains - +3M registered since Jan 2020

HNS was only launched in Jan 2020, thanks to this man and all the HNS dev crew on open source.

The Handshake CEO /

Web2 vs Web3

Tieshun Roquerre's profile picture

CEO at Namebase | @TieshunR

Tieshun is a Thiel Fellow who studied Math and Computer Science at MIT before starting Namebase. Previously at the age of 16 he became a fullstack engineer at Teespring, and at the age of 17 he founded StrongIntro which was funded by Y Combinator and Greg Brockman (founder of OpenAI). Tieshun's mission is to improve the security of the Internet by giving an unstoppable name to everyone in the world.

Key dates for Handshake's launch.

Posted on January 2020.

Handshake is launching! There’s some nuance to the launch so here are the key dates to make it clear:

  • Feb 3 - Handshake mainnet launch. Miners can mine HNS coins but other transactions (transfers, claiming, bidding) are disabled. Namebase will also launch at the same time — you’ll automatically receive an invite to join if you’re on the waitlist.

  • Feb 17 - All Handshake transactions are enabled. You can now claim your Handshake airdrop, transfer coins, and bid on the first batch of Handshake names released* for bidding. The Namebase waitlist contest ends (HNS rewards will be distributed in the coming weeks). Anyone can sign up for Namebase and bid on names.

  • Mar 1 - The first Handshake name auctions have closed. The lucky winners truly own their names and can use the power of decentralized DNS to build whatever they want! You can manage your DNS settings in the Namebase dashboard.

*Handshake names are released for bidding over the course of 52 weeks. Each week, a new set of names are unlocked for bidding. This ensures that latecomers still get a chance to bid on good names. You can check when a name will be released and add it to your waitlist at

Fast Forward to February 2022

This year, I forecast that the total Web3 domain registered domains will reach the 10M mark. This is a very conservative estimation.

Smart and savvy domain investors all have jumped on this unique opportunity to register the most premium Web3 domain names dubbed the #Dotcomx2.

Together with my associate @DoctorBrandX, we did not miss this opportunity to amassed a solid collection of +200 of the most curated and premium HNS domains and a couple of UD all listed on Web3Domains.Auction.

Some stats from ENS / UD & HNS:

Well according to Namebase chart below there were +2.6M domains sold in 2021/2022.

And this is only Year 1 …..keep that in mind.

The above charts are only talking about domain extensions auction sale.


If you not sure what Handshake tokens are, well you need them bid in auction and burn them to own your very own Web3 HNS extension. Which you will own forever and can resell unlimited subdomains. Basically, you become your own registrar and can manage this new business on your own with little marketing and have 100,000 if not millions of customers on the blockchain. Pretty cool.

One of the biggest HNS extension sale was .NFT

This ‘NFT’ Web Domain Just Sold for Record-Breaking $84,000.

Namebase, which facilitates Handshake domain purchases, brokered the deal for the investor, Jehan Chu. Mr Chu is also the CEO of Kenetic.Capital who this year featured on Bloomberg a year later with an explosive statement which we cover below.


Mr Chu is an early investor who is saying that HNS will go to 🚀🚀🚀the MOON!

“Handshake could become bigger than bitcoin within 5 years.”

Bloomberg interview: Click to view the interview

Here this site explains the entire process how to own an HNS domain extension.


Another, great HNS news blog and developer to follow is @HnsWorldwide , I highly recommend to subscribe and follow Colin on Twitter aka BlockDomains/. or visit

This HNS Domain Market Analysis for Q1 2022, this survey resumes the progress and market share HNS is making.

Q1 2022 Handshake Market Sentiment Report
Happy New Year! I’m excited to present the first-ever Handshake Market Sentiment Report. Thanks to enthusiastic and thoughtful survey participation from the global Handshake community, the report gives insight into how users interact with the protocol, determine the value of top-level domains (TLDs), and perceive the state of Handshake ecosystem develop…
Read more

How much is an HNS worth?

*Source -

Well, if we reach 100M HNS domains sold within 5 years, then we certainly will have a huge growth in both capital gain and user base.

The .NFT collision!

Unstoppable domains (UD) files trademark applications for .NFT, .Doge and others.


A very confusing situation as we all know that UD are selling .NFT domain extension. According to our friend @DotSats the proud owner of the .Sats and .Degen there was a name collision.

This is an interesting story to follow and we will keep you posted on this story as we hear more news about it. Or if you do shoot us a comment in the link below.

I strongly advise you secure some of their premium .Sats and .Degen. I have managed to pick up CASINO.DEGEN, WEB3.SATS, WEB4.SATS and WEB4.DEGEN which are very cool short Web3 / Web4 domain hacks. To secure the above HNS domains head to

Other popular HNS holders who shared their ROI on Twitter:

Most of the above are for HNS domain extension which was either acquired via direct auction to the highest bid to own these extension or you also apply for your own domain extension. @DotSats explains it well on this thread.


The CEO of best explains all in this video.

Do follow him here @SkyInclude1


One team he did not mentioned and to keep an eye on are the .ALGO TNXLab crew. I really like their approach and branding. TxnLab Inc. is a development company focused on building Web3 applications on Algorand.

Their blog -

HNS SITES to follow and pin to your browser: - A fun way to discover Handshake.

A great site focuses on Finding Names, Auction and HNS Emojis domains.

*Source -

Their latest Twitter post and thread explains very well how to:

The Shake🤝@DotTheShake

A publication on Handshake and the #DWeb.

Towards a New Internet. 𝙃

Twitter avatar for @DotTheShakeThe Shake 🤝 @DotTheShake is a lot of things: a Handshake block explorer, TLD rating tool, and on-chain auction UI. With tomorrow’s update, Niami will also have a portfolio creator and TXT-based name profiles.

Niami 🤝 @Niami_HNS

✨UPDATE INCOMING 🎉 in the next 24h for It's a big one. Some highlights are: → Login with your #Handshake name in seconds → Create your name portfolio and share it → Showcase your Identity on #HNS → Full Emoji support ❤️‍🔥 ...and much more!

HNS 🤝 Claims @hnsclaims

Top 100k Alexa website domain names are reserved on Handshake and can be claimed as #HNS TLDs until February 2024.

We keep you up to date. #UnitedWeShake

The Shake by @zachbrxwn @DotTheShake is an awesome site to follow also check his substack blog.

Check his website loads of cool HNS links and knowledge on here.

The biggest news this week is the CEO of announced that rumours were true that they acquired controlling rights of

This is the biggest news for the Web3 community, investors and it will certainly give all the confidence and stability that an OG in Web2 like Namecheap which are an OG allowing crypto payments from domains are now leading this exciting Web3 adventure for global mass adoption.

Seriously, talk of a game changer and moral boost for all the troops and investors.

Here worth noting some of the big names and investors that have backed Web3 / HNS:

Now imagine we hit 1B users and HNS domain sold with all the latest technology available not that I am a fan of 5G for health reasons let alone connectivity but if 1/3 of all connected humans on earth get an HNS, UD or ENS domains which is the trend right now. We are certain to create a new “Global Digital Economy” in the making.

GenZ alone makes up to 2.5B of the entire popular add your millenniums and OG’s. We can get there quite fast. So, I will agree that 5 years, is probably the right estimate. Could well be before with all these celebrities all adopting and using blockchain domains like ENS adding the .ETH extension to the name and soon we shall hear they all have launched their own HNS domain ___/. with their brand(s).

Just imagine if @SnoopDogg launched his own HNS extension on all his brand(s) and allowed all his fans (in the millions) to buy them just like NFT’s. I mean he knows his shit is hot and they will all sell.

We are all still very early and there are a lot of gems to secure. HNS/ENS/UD Web3 domains, NFT’s and NFD’s.

Get in and get in right now.

Here are our Top 3 HNS domains:


  2. CAR.HIRE - BIN $15M


What are your thoughts on this article, the rise of the HNS Web3 domains?

Please list and comment yours below. We may like them and decide to list them for sale on our Boutique Web3Domains.Auction.

Cool HNS websites to follow:

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