The Rise of Web3 domains HNS - HANDSHAKE Did you know the first .com domain name that was ever registered was, on the 15th of March 1985 by the now defunct Massachusetts-b…
ICE.COM acquired ICE.C.
Are you ready?
Future Now - How we sold ICE.C to ICE.COM for $12,500
Web3.Job - Market Size & OpportunitiesThe Web 3.0 Market size was valued at US$ 5.7 Bn in 2021 and the total Web 3.0 revenue is expected to grow at 35.4% from 2022 to 2027, reaching …
The Future is here, just embrace it.
From NFTs, Web3 Domains to Crypto Tokens
Record Blockchain Domains Sales: Business.Crypto, Market.Crypto - $100K and Wallet.Crypto -$250K This year the 6 figures sales keep coming. More and more investors are buying them for their crypto wallet address. Not only these can be used t…
The .C Tops the Web3 HNS domains.
The New Kid on the Blockchain.
WIN.CRYPTO - $100,000.
Rarible = Rare HNS Web3 Domains